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Less Miser Ables

       After weeks of increasingly giddy expectation, I finally saw the Les Miserables movie last night.  Since I've been so looking forward to it and because a lot of people I know like the musical, I decided I'd post a bullet point review.

I grew up with the music ever since my grandfather lent me one of his cast recordings when I was in fourth or fifth grade.  I've only seen one stage production of it, a really good high school production (it sounds ridiculous, but it's true!) I saw in eighth grade. Recently I've been listening to various cast recordings and watched the 25th anniversary concert. I haven't read the book or seen a professional production, but I still consider myself very familiar with at least the music and the story. 

Overall, I enjoyed the movie, but I wish I hadn't gone in with so many preconceptions and expectations because I spent most of my time and energy comparing and contrasting, rather than watching the movie with fresh eyes and an open heart.  I had many feels, which I have outlined under the cut in my characteristically wordy fashion.

Oh, and I write with the assumption that whoever is reading is familiar with the story and music, and I make absolutely no effort whatsoever not to spoil things. You have been warned.

It is time for us all to decide who we are...Collapse )

So "at the end of the day": it's a good movie, and it's well-filmed, if not always well-sung. I plan on going to see it again. One just has to go in knowing that it's not going to be a silver screen translation of the polished cast recordings we grew up with.


I have officially decided that I would like to use my Tumblr to post nerdy/goofy/visual/sonic shit. So if anybody wants to follow: http://aeoliana.tumblr.com

There are certain things that are more suitable to LJ, and certain things that are more suitable to Tumblr, so I've decided to branch out. I still plan to use LJ on a kind sorta regular basis?



After so many weeks of nothing, all of a sudden a bunch of little things happen...

- My grandparents and uncle rescued and have taken in a kitten. Her name is Gizmo (she looks an alarming amount like the creature of the same name from Gremlins), and she's about nine weeks old now and has long brown and white hair. She was dehydrated, undernourished, and less than alive when we found her; now, she's full of energy and has gotten herself quite an adventurous streak. Which means she can be a mite hard to catch.

- I have an audition/interview set up Monday morning for a lady, whom I met when she came into our store, who is putting together a multimedia independent project and is assembling an orchestra. The project, which she says is at its core aimed at providing exposure to artists of all sorts who don't normally receive exposure and recognition, is still in development, but it seems to have at least a visual art component in correlation with the orchestra. Funny thing, though - with the exception of the odd rehearsal for the concert that got cancelled, or me and the part-timer busting out some blues duets on a dead Saturday, I have been on a trumpet hiatus for the past month and a half. And I'm not sure if I'd have the musical caliber or the right kind of time commitment in the first place. Aaaaaaah heh heh heh heh...

- My laptop of five years is literally falling apart at the seams. Like, the hinges are coming undone on the back and the plastic is bent and frayed. I've started the process of looking for a new laptop, but I'm not the kind of person who has strong opinions about technology. Besides, I've only used a couple of brands of laptop and don't know enough to have any preference of brand or a lot about exacty what I'm looking for. The only things I have to go on are that I want to be able to store a lot of music, I watch a lot of video (including streaming online), I occasionally use some music ear training software, and my last computer was a fucking virus magnet (though that, from what I've heard, had more to do with my virus protection and the fact that fan-made remixes of Team Rocket songs are not meant to be downloaded online for free.) I'd like one that's got a little smaller screen than what I have now (which seems to be around 15"), but it's not a deal-breaker. *sigh* Triple-digit number of dollars down the toilet again.

- I'm not going public with this yet and nobody I'm related to has heard (a few friends and my boss have), but as of a few days ago, I'm experimenting with a long-distance relationship. The lad in question lives in Milwaukee and, person- and personality-wise, is probably everything I ever wanted in a . He's an anime nerd who works as a planner/grantwriter for a nonprofit organization in the county whose overarching purpose is to combat/counteract/Batman/end poverty. (I have had a higher-than-average level of exposure to Batman over the past few days, OK?) I have SO many mixed emotions right now that I'm not sure what to say, buuuut... we'll see. As long as I don't accidentally marry Yu Yu Hakusho, or any of the characters therein, in the interim. Which could very well happen at this point.

- I told myself I was going to watch the Olympics this year. Have I watched the Olympics this year?

Jul. 21st, 2012

Because I'm genuinely curious, and because I've fallen into a fairly bad antisocial streak over the past week or two...

Flist, how is everyone?

You know that moment when you’re watching an anime, and you expect to develop a heart-stopping, knock-the-wind-out-of-you crush on the main character because he seems cool and his character design is reeeeeeeee-heeeeeeee-heeeeeeeeally attractive, and then you wind up grinning involuntarily every time it starts looking fatal for him in a duel?

And then, out of an interesting and well-developed cast of dozens, the one character you get genuinely obsessed with is this one side villain?

And, out of all of the cool, strong, feisty, and (in some cases) tomboyish ladies, the one you care for the most is the busty, sexy companion of the Big Bad?

And then the epilogue of the villains, whom you hadn’t thought you cared about that much, makes you cry uncontrollably at one in the morning… after you’ve stopped watching the episode and are now lying awake in bed?

Irony, thy name is Rurouni Kenshin.

There be spoilers ahead if you're not careful with the links. You may or may not care.Collapse )

Ain't I a Woman?


I probably shouldn't be as angry after reading this as I am. I first saw it as a post on Facebook, and it was only upon a second viewing that I realized it was really a sales pitch on a matchmaking site (at least it seems to be), not an opinion article. But I read it. Even though I knew it'd make my blood boil. And it did make my blood boil. So I'm just going to bitch so I've at least gotten it out of my system, even though I'm probably mostly preaching to the choir.

There are so, so many things I could say about this merchandising bullshit, but since I don't feel like dwelling I will just say this:

The reason gender roles make me angry, or at least one of them, is because I am fucking sick and tired of my worth being evaluated by standards and expectations of "womanhood" that have not a goddamn thing to do with myself, my life, or my wants, even though I identify as a woman.

Shit, if the word "woman" is going to conjure in your head a series of adjectives about curves and cooking and beauty and nurturing and motherliness and sex, I'd just rather be called a "person."

Jun. 10th, 2012

You know what's the best? Mood swings. Mood swings are the best. Because after making that last whiny post I cried. And then I didn't feel better. And then I felt a lot better.

I keep writing LJ posts late at night, when I'm really tired and things seem like a really good idea at the time. And then I look at the post the next morning and just go, good God. *facepalm*

Simultaneously cleaning my room, attempting online dating/friendship sites, and rewatching Yu Yu Hakusho (which is basically the love of my anime life) have taken up most of my time outside work recently. Not a whole lot of excitement, although my mom did return from a week-long trip to South Dakota related to the organization she volunteers for. I'm a little envious that she had the chance to go somewhere completely new and cool, but at the same time I'm glad she got the opportunity. And it'll mean we get to look at vacation pictures, too. Apparently people who can't stop showing you their vacation photos are supposed to be annoying, but I love vicariously experiencing other people's fun, especially when they're there to narrate what we're looking at.


So, basically, since I was about to write a really long and rambly post:

- After spending so much time looking forward to this weekend, I spent today in an inexplicable funk.
- I think it may have been triggered by a conversation I had with a customer yesterday who, while well-meaning (if a bit old-fashioned), inadvertently reminded me that I don't have a life.
- I am a grown-ass woman and I kinda feel like a kid, and not in a good way.
- I need to get a life back.
- I need a new activity. 
- I am strongly considering taking a hiatus from playing the trumpet, or at least telling myself that I do. Just for a few weeks or so.
- My self-esteem has not been at an all-time high over the past week or two.
- Opinionated people really, really bring out my insecurities. Especially when they are intelligent, articulate, and on the internet when it is late and I am tired. And one of them is now a coworker. Awesome.
- I would like to be able to do things without thinking about myself or what other people think. I want to be taken out of myself, as it were.
- I have no idea why the hell I was in this kind of mood today.

That moment when...

You've disliked something about yourself for years. You keep hearing people with the exact opposite trait bragging about that aspect of themselves, and you can't help feeling like weak, watery crap in comparison.

And then it takes seeing your traits in a freaking fictional character to make you not only okay with that part of yourself, but proud of it. And realizing that there's a place in the world for people like you, so you don't have to change yourself to be one of those people you used to envy.

...Let's just hope the feeling is permanent.

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