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It's Black and White Out Here

In the seats where our worlds sometimes meet for an hour or two...

20 October
I'm a 23-year-old introvert who plays the trumpet and works at a music store. I graduated from Denison University in May of 2011 with a B.A. in English creative writing and a minor in trumpet performance, although the major and minor should really have been switched. My dream is to be a gigging and session musician playing everything from classical to cabaret, though I'm probably quite far from getting there. I consider myself a relatively quiet, considerate, somewhat workaholic, solitary, slightly awkward, apologetic, self-questioning, and perfectionist only child who lives inside her head a lot and is actually quite better off for it. In addition to music, I love reading, writing, daydreaming, anime, putting together dandyish monochromatic outfits, being a redhead (even when it's not natural,) learning, having places to go, androgynous men, and pretending to be witty by unleashing horrible puns upon people I care about. My family and friends are a small group, but they're very important to me.

I check LJ just about every day, but my dedication to actually posting things wavers, though I always post at least a couple of times per month. Up to this point, my posts have mostly been little blurbs about my life - everything from rambling to venting - but every once in a while I do some soapbox-ing or academia-ing (it's a word now!) However, I want to do more writing about music, books, film and television, etc. etc. etc.

My flist is small but growing! If you wish to friend me - awesome sauce! I appreciate a personal message introducing yourself but it's not necessary. A large portion of what I post is friends-locked, and that's for a reason. :D